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Hello,I‘m paper bottle. Oh, no. Do you really know inside me? Are cosmetic you bought it's packaging eco-friendly because labelled paper bottle?

This is Jimmy, from a decent packaging channel.

A famous brand Amorepacific- Innisfree, being the customer posted a photo, that clearly show, that brand's bottle labeled "hello, I'm Paper Bottle" contained plastic bottle inside, the Innisfree's Green Tea Seed Serum is actually just a plastic bottle wrapped in paper outside.

According The Kerea Herald reported, the customer felt misled and complained against their so-called "green washing" labelling.

After huge of voice against on Internet, the brand has acknowledged that the label "Hello, I'm Paper Bottle" may be misleading.

The brand stated, "We used the term 'paper bottle' to explain the role of the paper label surrounding the bottle".

"We overlooked the possibility that the naming could mislead people to think the whole packaging is made of paper. We apologize for failing to deliver information in a precise way."

"the colorless plastic bottle is recyclable and eco-friendly as it uses 51.8 percent less plastic than conventional packaging."

The brand also added that, bottle packaging provided users with information on how to separate the paper shell from the inner plastic container and recycle.

My fans, do you feel the brand is misleading? Regarding having cosmetic packaging to reduce the harmful impact on the environment, eco friendly is a long long way to go for cosmetic companies and brands. If you were only playing the concept for ads to get the attention by “green washing” labelling that is highly not acceptable nowadays.

We did hear lots of voices on the Internet expressing: the company took advantage of people who chose the product to try to reduce harmful impacts on the environment.

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