Key Takeaways:

Customization AspectKey Point
Brand IdentityCustom bottles enhance brand image and set you apart
Bottle MaterialsConsider plastic, glass, or metal based on pros and cons
Size and ShapeChoose sizes and shapes for product functionality and appeal
Design ElementsEye-catching labels and suitable color schemes are critical
Unique FeaturesAdd pumps, roller balls, or nozzles for functionality
Customization TechniquesUse printing, embossing, or labeling for brand-centric designs
Collaboration with ManufacturersPartner with manufacturers for custom designs
Legal and ComplianceEnsure packaging adheres to regulations and standards


In our business, we understand the significance of a strong brand identity. Customizing our empty cosmetic bottles isn't just a marketing move—it's a statement about who we are. When customers see our bespoke bottles, they see the innovation and thoughtfulness that define our brand.

Understanding Different Bottle Materials

The choice between plastic, glass, and metal bottles can influence perception and sustainability efforts. Plastic offers versatility and durability, like our 100g Plastic Round Shape Red Soft Tube with Screw Cap, perfect for face wash packaging. Glass adds a touch of luxury and is recyclable, while metal gives a unique look and can be reused.

100g Red Soft Tube

Selecting the Right Bottle Size and Shape

We choose the best sizes for our products, considering the convenience for our customers and the shelf appeal of our offerings. A memorable shape can also play into ergonomics and brand recognition, playing a subtle but powerful part in marketing.

Explore a variety of shapes and sizes we offer here.

Designing Your Bottle

A well-designed label tells a story—the hues that speak our brand language, the typography that conveys our essence, and the layout that is unmistakably ours. Consistent color schemes are crucial; they evoke emotions and brand recall.

Adding Unique Features

Adding functional features like the pump from our 150ml PET Plastic Foamer Bottle enhances utility and user experience, making our products not only visually appealing but also convenient to use.

150ml Foamer Bottle

Customization Techniques

We employ various techniques to personify our brand onto our packaging. Printing allows vibrant visuals, embossing gives a tactile dimension, and labeling offers a quick way to apply intricate designs—all of which ensure our products align with our eco-friendly commitment.

Working with Manufacturers

We collaborate closely with manufacturers to bring our custom designs to life, like with our 150ml 5oz stand-up Bottle with the flip-top cap, ensuring our vision is captured down to the last detail.

150ml Stand-up Bottle

Legal and Compliance Considerations

Adhering to packaging laws and industry standards isn't just necessary—it's integral to trust. We rigorously follow these guidelines to deliver quality that customers can rely on.


Through customization of our cosmetic bottles, we cement our place in the market, creating touchpoints with our customers that are visually stunning, functional, and ethically sound. We welcome you to see how customized packaging can define your brand's journey—let's shape your identity together.

Discover endless custom bottle options for your brand here.